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Kaltura Video Platform

One centralized online video platform for all your enterprise video needs

Kaltura’s Video Platform powers every video use case in every industry. With Kaltura, you’ll quickly engage your users, build community, drive revenue, and put your organization at the cutting edge.

Built with the utmost flexibility in mind, our video platform is the underlying technology for our out-of-the-box video products. Organizations can also build their own video experiences with our APIs and developer tools. Video plugins and integrations also allow you to seamlessly add video to your existing workflows.

Video Management: Kaltura Management Console (KMC)

The KMC is a rich media management system that enables you to ingest, manage, edit and enrich, publish, search, distribute, and analyze your media—all in one intuitive interface.

Your Perfect Video Player

Video players are the first point of contact with your audience, so delivering the optimal viewing experience is key. Our players are light-weight and fast, and delivery is seamless—on any device. Get going in five minutes with pre-set video players, or head on to the Studio to customize your video player’s look and functionality.

“And that was the really driving force behind our partnership with Kaltura. We know how important video is to learning, and we know how important video is to Kaltura and their business, and we really saw it as a beautiful marriage between our organizations."

Steve Zuckerman, Global Product Manager for e-Learning

DuPont Sustainable Solutions

Key Capabilities of Kaltura’s Online Video Platform for Enterprise

  • Manage all of your rich media, both live and VOD, in one intuitive interface with the Kaltura Management Console (KMC)

    • Integrate video into your existing platforms

    • Use Kaltura’s open source video APIs to customize for any workflow

    • Choose rigorous security features, ranging from SSL delivery to DRM, through various level of encryption and deployment options, using SSO with your company’s user and entitlement management system

  • Deliver seamlessly to any device

    • Deploy lightweight, customizable video players

    • Take advantage of top tier CDN integrations for video delivery anywhere

    • Provide the best viewer experience with adaptive bitrate video delivery

    • Handle video processing, including upload, ingestion, and transcoding of live and VOD content, plus storage

    • Distribute content, including by syndication and social sharing

  • Create more engaging, interactive, discoverable video

  • Measure success with detailed analytics

    • Use in-system analytics or integrate with analytics systems

    • Track user-level details such as interactions, contributions, and more

    • Analyze levels of engagement of videos as a whole, including geographic data, device usage, and drop-off rates

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