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Kaltura Pitch

Video Messages That Break Through Email Clutter

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With Kaltura Pitch, easily create personalized video messages that can be 300% more effective at getting your recipients’ attention. Then, track exactly when your targets watch your videos. Whether it’s sales emails with sky-high conversions, internal communications that changes behavior, or executive messaging that truly connects with employees – your video emails will stand out so you can truly connect with your audience.

Stand Out Every Day

Sending another email? Think again. Kaltura Pitch emails grab attention, even in the busiest inbox. Capture a video of yourself on phone or desktop and share it with either prospects or colleagues, to introduce yourself and make it personal.

Gain Insights and Make an Impact

Stay updated on who’s watching and when and track how viewers interact with your message with real-time alerts. Discover what gets your audience’s attention, so you can tailor your next email for even more engagement and replies.

Work Better Together

Collaborate with colleagues within Pitch on playlists you can all use. Take content created by marketing or administrators and add to everyone’s arsenal. Leverage all the media libraries, editing, and capture tools from across the Kaltura platform, so you can create and share your content smoothly inside and outside your organization.

“We’ve heard from users, especially executives, that video is so much more effective in being a means to capture the attention and also create a personal connection.”
Barbara Sokolow, Director Internal Experience, Web & Digital Services at SAP


  • Sales Teams

  • Customer Service

  • Internal Communications

  • Executive Messaging

  • Recruiting

  • Sales Teams

    Drive bigger deals and faster closes with video emails that drive up to 300% more conversions. Track when recipients watch your outreach videos and what they watch, so you can follow up with relevant information while the lead is still hot! Then, send personalized video messages with additional resources and demos, before and after meetings, to answer questions faster.

  • Customer Service

    Speed up upsells with tempting personalized offers. Reply to support tickets with vivid and personal instructions to increase customer satisfaction.

  • Internal Communications

    Send the emails that can’t be ignored. Easily create video announcements, team updates, meeting follow-ups, and demos that show exactly how you’re approaching specific challenges—even from the field!

  • Executive Messaging

    Get your team fired up! With a video email, convey all your passion and expertise, for a more authentic approach to leadership. Unlike regular emails, you’ll know exactly who on your team watched your message in full.

  • Recruiting

    Make the recruiting process more personal. Use personalized outreach videos, and add videos showcasing your organization in the playlist.

Create, Share, and Track—It’s That Simple!

  • Create video messages at the click of a button

    • Easily record personal video messages from your desktop or phone

    • Add curated playlists and attachments

    • Customize your player and thumbnail

  • Share your message

    • Send via email

    • Use your existing O365 or Gmail account

    • Automatically create branded landing pages

    • Skip any installation or training with this intuitive SaaS tool

  • Drive Results

    • Get real-time alerts and see who watched your message and for how long

    • Know who to follow up with, when, and what interested them most

    • Increase engagement and get more replies

    • Compete with teammates to see who can land the best results!

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