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Kaltura Enterprise Content Management Video Plugins

Make video a native data type for your business

Video is the most engaging, information-dense data type. Like spreadsheets and PDFs before it, video is becoming a mission-critical, universal tool for driving engagement, productivity, conversion, efficiency, and monetization. Incorporate video straight into your company’s internal and external content so employees can take full advantage of this powerful tool for communication and documentation.

What Does Kaltura Add to the Content Management System?

Kaltura Enterprise Content Management video plugins enable employees to easily record, upload, manage, edit, clip, transcode, publish, share, and deliver high-quality video content that displays beautifully on any device, anywhere, all within the Content Management System environment.

Easily Discoverable, Easily Secured

With all video united in a centralized repository, employees can easily find the videos they need. Video stops being siloed and starts being shared, reducing duplication efforts and making every video more powerful. At the same time, permission sets based on the content management system’s user management ensures that every video is secure and can only be accessed by authorized viewers.

Content Management Platforms Supported

  • SharePoint Video Extension

  • Video Navigator for IBM Enterprise Content Management

  • Video Extension for IBM Digital Experience

  • Drupal Video Module

  • WordPress Video Plugin

  • SharePoint Video Extension

    The Kaltura SharePoint Video Extension adds advanced media authoring and management capabilities to SharePoint.

  • Video Navigator for IBM Enterprise Content Management

    Kaltura Video Navigator for Enterprise Content Management brings the power and flexibility of Kaltura’s video technology directly into the IBM’s Enterprise Content Management suite.

  • Video Extension for IBM Digital Experience

    Kaltura Video Extension for IBM Digital Experience makes it easy to publish videos through the WebSphere Portal or Web Content Manager (version 8.5) of the IBM Digital Experience.

  • Drupal Video Module

    Kaltura’s Video Module for Drupal integrates advanced video functionalities into Drupal-based sites. Kaltura offers module versions supporting Drupal 6 and Drupal 7.

  • WordPress Video Plugin

    Kaltura’s WordPress Video Plugin integrates online video features into WordPress.

Key Features

  • Easy Video Creation for User-Generated Content (UGC)

    • Create video via webcam and screen capture, or use Kaltura’s video capture solution for easy personal capture

    • Add preexisting video from personal files, company libraries, and even YouTube

  • Greater Tools for Interactivity

    • Edit media by clipping, uploading captions, adding chapters, and managing thumbnails

    • Social features encourage sharing, commenting, and liking to build engagement and collaboration

    • Advanced analytics monitor engagement

  • Leverage Your Content Management System and Do More

    • Full support for existing user management, roles definition, workflows and metadata

    • Customize to meet your existing workflows

    • Turn your Content Management System into a Video Content Management System; no need to learn a new system

    • Ensure video content accessibility (see Kaltura’s Accessibility Conformance Report (VPAT), issued by Level Access)

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