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Kaltura Products for Education

Video products for every department on campus

We provide educational institutions advanced video tools that enhance teaching and learning and student engagement, both on campus and remotely.

Kaltura Video Platform

Manage and publish your media through one intuitive interface

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Kaltura MediaSpace Video Portal

Create your own private YouTube-like video portal

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LMS Video Plugins

Add a full layer of video to your learning management system

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Personal Capture

Give your end users powerful tools to easily create engaging videos from their own desktops

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Kaltura Virtual Classrooms

Easily launch an interactive virtual classroom directly from your LMS

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Interactive Video

Create immersive video experiences for user engagement

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Lecture Capture

Manage all your lecture captures from any recording device

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Education Content Management Plugins

Make video a native data type within your content management system

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Townhalls and Live Events

Bring the world on campus with live broadcasts

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Kaltura Pitch

Video messages that break through email clutter

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Deployment and Delivery Options

Choose from a broad range of options to meet your institution’s needs

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REACH Captioning and Enrichment

Seamlessly add captions, transcriptions, and translations for accessibility and search

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